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Mis-Sold Packaged Bank Accounts

Have you been mis-sold a Packaged Bank Account? We only charge 25% on all packaged bank account claims won! If you are unsure on whether you have a claim, just give us a call on 0800 633 5896 and we will tell you.

In many instances you can claim back several hundred to several thousand pounds including interest!

Were you Mis-Sold a Packaged Bank Account?

If you were sold a packaged bank account, the banks need to check the product is suitable. It's this that has often failed to happen. The key to knowing whether you were mis-sold a packaged bank account is what you were told (or often NOT told) at the point of sale or upgrade.

  • You Were Told You Had to Get it.
  • Many customers have been told they had to sign up to a packaged account in order to get a loan, mortgage, or other product. This is a common form of mis-selling.

  • You Had Reached An Age Limit
  • Customers have signed up for a packaged bank account for the insurance and believe that they will be adequately protected. Many customers have tried to make a claim on their insurance but have been told by their bank that they are ineligible because they have surpassed the age limit. An example of this is customers being too old to claim on travel insurance.

  • You Had no Knowledge of Paying for a Packaged Account?
  • If you notice from old bank statements that £10-£15 has been taken out of your bank account every month then you may have been paying for a packaged bank account without realising. There are an overwhelming amount of people who didn't realise they even had a paid-for account until they looked through their bank statements. This could have happened due to the fee being added without the customer's knowledge.

  • You Tried to Cancel Your Packaged Account But Was Forced to Keep it
  • If you tried to cancel your packaged bank account and was told you had to keep the it, you may be able to claim back the charges.

  • No-one Told You to That You Had to Register Your Phone or Car
  • For example, your new phone is stolen and you assume you will be covered as you have mobile phone insurance as part of the packaged bank account. You are then informed that you are not covered as you did not register your phone. However, your bank did not advise you to register the phone.

  • Other Reasons How You Could Have Been Mis-Sold
    1. Pressure from sales representative
    2. The packaged bank account wasn't fully explained to you
    3. You weren't told the full cost of the packaged bank account
    4. You weren't actually eligible for the packaged bank account